Expedition Austin







Expedition Austin: A Kid’s Guide to the Weirdest Town in Texas is a fun-filled book that has everything a family needs to have an adventure to remember in the awesomest little-big town on the planet. Why? It’s chock full of things kids love, like cool pools, fun facts, inspiring illustrations, mind-blowing museums, awesome activities and madcap missions. How many things? Let’s count…

  • 80 colorful pictures
  • 36 descriptions of Austin’s best kid-friendly places
  • 12 chapters, including “Splash,” “Munch,” “Paddle & Ride,” “Big Night Out” and “Wristbands”
  • 36 missions to complete
  • 20 hot spots to track down on a photo scavenger hunt
  • 12 creative activities
  • 4 pieces of scratch paper
  • 10 quiz questions to answer throughout your expedition
  • 94 fun facts
  • 48 lines in twelve playful poems
  • 54 cool calendar events
  • 33 EXTRA places to check out
  • Oodles of answers to a parent’s questions like, “Where should we park?” “How much does it cost?” “What time is it open?” “What should we bring?” and “Is there anything else to do nearby?”


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